Grit and Grace

What makes us tick? What makes us stronger and more resilient in our lives? Grit and grace and a blending of both. 

Left to my own devices, I can fall prey to self-sabotage. Left to my own devices, I can fall prey to believing the lies that Satan too easily likes to replay in my mind. Left to my own devices, I can choose grit and grace. 

I cannot do any of it without Him. I can do it with Him, through Him and because of Him. It is not my first response, sometimes. Sometimes I forget, sometimes I choose to forget and sometimes I am tempted to forget. How about you? 

Here is the fun thing about learning to be a better human and constantly trusting that He has me covered by grace and that there is also grit involved. I have not arrived. I am still learning. I am still getting skinned knees and the freedom in that is this: I am not ashamed. 

GRIT (noun): courage and resolve; strength of character.

So here how this plays out in my head and in my life when I need to find my grit and also His grace. Grace for myself and grace for others and not always in that order. 

Phase 1 looks like this – 

GRIT- Get Right Into Trouble

Phase 2 looks like this – 

GRIT- Go Right Into Timeout

Phase 3 looks like this-

People there can be loving and learning at the same time; there can be loss and love at the same time; and there can be grit and grace at the same time. 

My challenge for myself today is to remember to not camp out in trouble or time out. My challenge is to camp out in revelation. What are you challenged to do for yourself today? How is He speaking to you? Wanna chat? Let’s do.

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