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Daring to….

Anyone out there get older and more experienced in life and forget that it is okay to dream? I know I have. 

How about forgetting how to laugh and be silly and free? Yep, me too. 

I think as we learn to adult and handle more crap, that we sometimes forget that it is okay to be a whole person. To be a healthier person, as it turns out, requires us to be a whole person. One that is bold enough to dream, vulnerable enough to cry and be authentic without fear of judgement of our inappropriate thoughts or behaviors at times. Now, I am talking about harmless and silly behavior, not radically not okay behavior so don’t come at me. 

When was the last time you dared to dream? When was the last time you spent wasting time doing exactly whatever you wanted that brings you joy, laughter, levity and stories that will one day be told at your memorial service? What are the embarrassing but worth it moments that you and your people still laugh about today? 

What have you tried to do that you have always been afraid to do. What kind of food have you tried? What places have you visited that were always on your list of “some day” that you finally got to see or experience? 

I will tell you one of mine: I recently learned that I actually like green olives. Random, I know. But I would not have discovered it if I hadn’t chosen to spend time with my best friend over a nice dinner cooked at home in the middle-end-whatever it is quarantine. The first time I dared to go outside the rules and just live for a minute. Can I get an amen? 

With other close friends and the willingness to be brave and laugh with each other: I have learned that one dear friend invested in some sort of contraption that you roll on your legs to minimize cellulite. I don’t know if it works or not, but the laughter in that conversation sure made it worth the cost, I am sure. For both of us. 

We can laugh about eyebrow waxing disasters, the challenges of plucking hairs from your face that should not be there without being able to see what you are plucking, and all of the times we snorted, laughed and were afraid to share because we thought we would sound ridiculous. We can talk about food discoveries, travel discoveries, and dream discoveries, too. 

People, we know that there are all sorts of other more serious and emotionally-charged topics we can dare to dream about it or ponder and conversate on. For just a little minute, can we chat about laughter and silliness and things that make you giggle? 

Your turn! What are some of your silliest or funniest moments and memories connected to daring to dream and laugh and be whole? Care to share? 

3 thoughts on “Daring to….”

  1. When I was younger I dreamed of becoming a singer-I was pretty good. I had friends in lots of different places & turns out one of those friends played guitar.,. In a band & they needed a singer-I auditioned & ended up singing with them for years. It made me feel good-the first time I felt I had a voice, was connecting with people & they were listening. After having a baby I steered away from singing due to the lifestyle that came with it. Later on in life through recovery & the turn of some amazing events God began using me to share my story in taking my life back through an Adult Ed program-this time I was using my voice in a way that encouraged others to improve their quality of life.
    Some years later, As I began to really dive into my recovery God began to use me to share my story of brokenness, grief, pain & restoration to help others who found themselves in similar circumstances to find healing. Each time I used my voice required a certain amount of courage, but this required a bit more-it requires vulnerability & transparency to share some of the things I once felt would kill me. When I initially began dreaming of using my voice as a kid, I was more interested in becoming famous. Although sharing intimate things can be somewhat daunting, I marvel at the transformation God continues to bring about in my life & simultaneously in the lives of others when I use my voice to dare to share His great love for us.

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