A Little Bit Naughty and a Whole Lot of New

Am I the only one who is super grateful and glad that God has a great sense of humor and loves unconditionally? 

Have you ever thought about Him just looking at you laughing and shaking His head? Not in a mean way, in the way that a loving parent looks at their rambunctious and wild child and laughs with the unconditional love of the parent with the kiddo that is just slightly naughty? 

Maybe for some of us, it is hard to believe that we can really be the person we are and still be truly loved by God. I think about the sometimes inappropriate things that come out of my mouth or that pop into my head and thankfully don’t come out of my mouth and wonder how God could love a brat like me. 

Maybe it is hard for us to believe that we can be who we are, because there’s still a little bit of naughty combined with a whole lot of new in all of us. Maybe it is just really hard to understand the unconditional love of God. Maybe it’s an old belief system that says we have to be perfect to be loved so we tend to want to hide from Him. 

The word says we are made new, and we are. We have a new life in Him. That doesn’t mean perfection. It means we are made new and we are being made new. Now, this obviously isn’t free reign to continue to do and say things that go beyond a little naughty. 

I cannot say I am following Jesus and still do a lot of the things I did before I met Him. But what it does mean, is that I can be my whole, authentic self and admit that I am still a work in progress. You and I don’t have to be perfect to be loved. He paid the price for our imperfections.

I can be a little bit naughty and a whole lot new at the same time. The old is gone and the new has come. You and I can let go of our ideas of being perfect to be loved, because He proved that idea to be false a long, long time ago. He sees us and He knows us. He knows the whole person that we are; naughty and new and everything in between. 
We can celebrate that even in our imperfection, our naughtiness, and our inability to comprehend His unconditional love for us that He still does love us unconditionally. He has a sense of humor and is not surprised that we are the perfect mix of a little bit of naughty and a whole lot of new at the same time. It gives Him more to work with.